This high-quality and wear-resistant elastic has a hollow core, resulting in a much higher stretch factor compared to conventional elastic. The outer sheath, which is also flexible, has a highly visible colour, so the swimming direction of a hooked fish is clearly visible. It also allows you to recognize the diameter quickly. This elastic is perfect for use in a puller kit. Thanks to the additional liquid silicone, long-life is guaranteed. Cresta Hollow Elastic is available in 11 different sizes from 1.3 to 3.5mm. Great for carp, silvers and for flowing water.
CodeColorDiameter (mm)SizeLength (m)Recommended Hooksize
4724 401White1,35-7520-16
4724 402Light Blue1,56-8518-14
4724 403Hunter Green1,88-10518-12
4724 404Grey2,010-12516-12
4724 405Blue Pearl2,212-14516-10
4724 406Fluo Orange2,412-16514-10
4724 407Fluo Green2,614-16514-08
4724 408Yellow2,816-18512 and bigger
4724 409Red3,018-20510 and bigger
4724 410Purple3,316-18310 and bigger
4724 411Pink3,518-20310 and bigger